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Kiwi nails! September 24, 2009

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Hi everyone!
Today we’re going to do some nail art! This is the look:



(Sorry for not doing clean-up… the green nailpolish left some really weird yellow stains on my cuticle 😦      )

And this is how to do it:
-Apply brown polish on your thumb and green or yellow polish on the other nails.

-To get the fruits, paint a dotted star pattern on the green to make the seeds. Then put a big white dot in the middle.

Let everything dry and apply your favourite special effect topcoat, like a matte one or some sparkles. I used one with purple shimmer. Have fun and be creative!

Paint a brown french tip for the shell. Make sure you do this step last, so it looks like all the fun stuff is going on inside the fruit!
-For the bird, use silver polish to paint an eye, a beak and legs. Extend the beak to your cuticle like seen in the pics. You can do that with the legs too, if you like.

Then add some black and gold streaks for feathers. Be as messy as you like with this step.

Using a toothpick creates some nice texture: Just press the tip on horizontally, don’t prick or drag the polish. Add some black shadows on the beak and legs and a pupil on the eye.

Set the color on your skin with liquid plaster or clear polish, apply topcoat, and you’re done!

-If you have long nails, paint a french tip on your thumb. That way, you can draw an environment for the bird, like flowers or a blue sky… or you can make him a punk rock kiwi with a huge mohawk!

The dotted kiwi seed pattern is great for fireworks on your nails, too! Just use a dark base color and lots of glitter.

Hope you enjoy this look! ❤


Calvin Klein nailpolish review September 20, 2009

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I’ve been wanting to post this for some time now… It’s the mini nailpolishes from the coupon haul! Here are some swatches:

Mad Red. This is a bright cherry red jelly with subtle silvery shimmer, perfect fora job interview or something like that. It’s very sheer, it needed 4 coats to look like this. If you like pinks, you can do one coat over a white creme to get a bold hot pink.


Phoenix. It’s a maroon/burgundy kind of color with lots of gold and red shimmer in it. Pretty, but a little boring.


The bottles. You can take the square tops off.
On to the formula… These polishes are nice and thin and dry extremely quickly, but apart from that, the formula just sucks. Sorry for the explicit language, but it’s true. Phoenix is too sheer to be a one-coater, and as soon as you apply more, you get bald spots. I used 4 coats on the swatches to get rid of them, and you can still see some on my index finger. Same with Mad Red, although it’s not that strong of an effect because the color is lighter. The sheerness is the main problem I had with both colors. Seriously, look how tiny the bottles are! How many full manicures am I supposed to get out of each when I need four coats? Like, five or six? That’s not the quality I expect from something with a Calvin Klein label on it. I have drugstore polishes that are better than that.
What experience did you make with this nailpolish? Did I just get bad bottles or is it always like that?
See you soon!


NOTD: Purple french mani!

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This is my current nail of the day. Nothing too fancy, but hey,it’s purple! I used P2 Color Victim nailpolish in 017-elegant for the nail beds and a purple foil/shimmer polish for the tips. It’s old and the label has rubbed off, so I have no idea what it’s called, sorry for that :(. I believe it’s a limited edition one from the drugstore.


Elegant is quite off in these pics, it’s a light lavender purple with little grey and blue undertones. It looks more like something  between the photo color and these flowers on our balcony:

(The blurry brown thing in the center is just a huge garden spider, please ignore it ^^)
P2 is a popular german drugstore brand, a bit like Wet’n’Wild in the US. They have some really interesting shades in their permanent collection, and the formula is awesome! It’s actually better than the Calvin Klein polishes!

Just noticed… this manicure would be nice with matte nail beds and glossy tips, too!
Have a nice day everyone!


Palovana franken and a giveaway on Naive Nails!

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Good morning guys!

Here is one of my first frankens called Palovana! It’s named after a great song by the finnish (folk-)metal band Korpiklaani, you can listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5UJ9LkocAc .
I made this one by using a very sheer light blue polish with lots of green shimmer in it as a base. Then I added a bit of black creme and some green metallic polish to make the base color more green. These pictures aren’t true to life, the green is less blue-toned, more like a very dark forest green.


Too blue, but the shimmer shows up well


Can you see the little multicolored sparkles? I have no idea where these come from, I didn’t put them in there… they just appear in certain lights. It’s magic! \(^_^)/


This is about as accurate as I could get with my douchebag of a camera. It’s still a little greener in person.
Hope you like it! More frankens coming soon!

Oh, and…

Dear Korpiklaani band members and management. I DO NOT sell my frankenpolishes or earn money with them or this blog in any other way. Naming selfmade nailpolish after songs is meant as a little tribute to the musicians, and I just like the idea of wearing good music on my nails. (Does that sound weird? *lol*) So if you read this, don’t get mad at me, don’t sue me for copyright issues and please, please DO SEND ME TICKETS!


gildedangel is hosting a giveaway on her blog, Naive Nails! It’s right there–> in the sidebar, so make sure you check it out. She just reached 50 followers, congratulation on that, gildedangel! Keep up the great work and creativity!


Alessandro VAMP LE (Fall 2009) September 18, 2009

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Todays post is about the latest limited edition by Alessandro. It’s called Vamp and it’s great! There are nine colors in it: A pretty red-toned purple with pink shimmer and a bunch of cremes, I think they were a dark navy blue, dark violet, grey and two shades of berry pink.
And these three:
No 261 is a quite dark teal/purple duchrome. It doesn’t have that soap-bubble-gone-heavy-metal  kind of look that it has in the bottle, but it’s still gorgeous! It also has a little bit of teal microglitter in it, which makes it interesting. This was my pedicure for the last few days:


No 257 is the father to a furry little lemming that I got as soon as I saw this one on display. Seems like I wasn’t the only one, I had to go to about 5 different beauty shops until I got it. It’s a dirty brown jelly base packed with silver and bronze microglitter and green/blue DUOCHROME FLAKIES!!! Imagine OPI You Don’t Know Jacques as a drag queen, that’s what it looks like  *_*

No 259 looks similar to 257, but has a blue base and pink/green flakies with a stronger duochrome effect. It looks like fireworks on your nails! I like this one a tiny bit less than 257, but that’s just because I’m such a sucker for green nail polish. If you like blue and purple, this one is for you!


257 and 259 in full sunlight!

257 and 259 in full sunlight!

Don't look at my index finger, the poor little thing got cut :(

Don't look at my index finger, the poor little thing got cut 😦

The formula on all three of these is great, not too thick or too runny, spreads nicely and the glitter doesn’t clump even after 3 coats. Not that you would need that much, you can get away with two for 259 and one for 261. Only 257 was a little sheer, so I tried to layer it over black, along with 269. No comment on that, the picture speaks for itself:

"I want to be your manicure for the rest of the year!"

"I want to be your manicure for the rest of the year!"

The flakies were a pain in the you-know-where to get off, though. The rest of the polish was no problem, so in the end you would have lots of colourful flakies on your naked nails (which looked quite nice, too… maybe I will post pics of that the next time I wore them…)

Some words about the brand, because it’s not exactly popular, but has very high-quality nail products. I have seven polishes and a cuticle oil, all work really well for me, except for one polish that doesn’t suit my skintone, but that’s due to the crappy lighting in most shops here. They also make lipsticks and glosses and such, but I haven’t tried those yet. Alessandro is a german brand that works mainly in Europe, but you can get their products overseas, too. They are all Big 3 free. They don’t have a shop on their website though, which sucks. But if you can get your hands on those, I’d really recommend trying them.

Have a nice weekend and stay tuned for some music-inspired green goodness! ❤


Maybelline Cosmic Queen Review September 14, 2009

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Hi everyone!
Remember that awesome glitter topcoat I promised you? Here it is! It’s called Cosmic Queen, or maybe Flash Cosmic, it has two labels saying different things.
Anyhow, it is a clear polish with little translucent hexagons in it that flash in basically any color from seafoam green to purple, depending on the light and the color of nailpolish you wear under it. Here are some swatches:

Pedicure wants to say hi, too!

Pedicure wants to say hi, too!


Blue macro shot. Sorry for the messy application!


Brown macro shot


See the purple flash in the top right corner of the bottle?

See how it the glitter looks aqua over blue and very purple on my ring finger? (Btw, how do you call that color? Brown? Tan? Burnt orange? No idea… let’s stick with brown for now^^)
Really, these pictures don’t do this polish justice. Exspecially the black one, it’s my favourite combination! It looks almost ultraviolet in person, like tiny black light lamps on your nails. Gorgeous. You can see a bit of that effect in the blurry bottle photo, but it’s a lot stronger in real life.
About the formula. It has glitter in it, so if you do more than two coats, the little hexagons will pile up and form big glittery lumps, but you don’t really need that much. What you see here is one coat per nail. The consistency is perfect, not too thick and not too runny.
So, Cosmic Queen is amazing. Quite unique, too, I haven’t seen anything like it. Love!

The polishes I wore for base color were:
black and blue creme: Rival de Loop. Cheapo german drugstore brand, but the quality is quite decent.
“brown” and nude: Alessandro. This is one of the best brands I have tried so far, and they have an AMAZING fall collection this year! More about that coming soon!

Have a nice week! ❤


Biotherm Skincare Kit September 8, 2009

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Hi guys!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Here comes the review for that skincare set I got. Let’s do this one by one:
This one was a bit too dark for my skintone, so I probably won’t use it. The consistency was really nice though: Not greasy, not too thick and very easy to spread. Maybe I’ll try and use it for frankening. Like… an army green creme maybe, or a muted brick red… What do you think? Have you tried making nailpolish with liquid foundation before? I did once and the result was great, but that was a different type of foundation, more like a cream. Well, we’ll see. Check back for the results! ^^
The name of this foundation is Biotherm Long Wear Detox in 530.

This one is called “Biosource hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse”. Ugh, what a name. “Best facial cleanser I’ve used so far” would be much less complicated and just as fitting. Seriously, this stuff is great. It makes my skin feel fresh and clean, but not dry at all, it doesn’t hurt when you get it in your eyes, it takes off all my makeup and it also smells really nice. Fresh, soft and clean, something between washed clothes and a cucumber. Love it.

This one is pretty good, too. It’s called “Multi Recharge daily protective energetic moisturizer”. It contains ginseng and vitamine E and it has SPF 15, which is great, especially in summer. It gives a lot of moisture to my skin and draws in quickly without leaving a greasy film on the face. This is special, because a lot of mosturizers can’t do that for me. The smell is really nice, too, very light and fresh and spicy at the same time. It reminds me of a herbal tea with ginger and lemongrass in it. This is my second favourite product of the bunch.

This guy does’t work for me at all. It kind of settles on my skin and keeps the moisturizer from getting in and doing his work. When I rub my face about two hours after I applied it,  it will come off in little greasy flakes, which looks like I haven’t washed my face in weeks. It’s gross. But hey,  just because my face hates it, that does’t mean it can’t be fantastic for your skin type. Looking at the other products, the quality of this toner should be at least decent. So if you want to try it, go ahead and tell me what you think!

Calvin Klein nailpolish review coming up,  you’ll be surprised!

See you soon! ❤