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Biotherm Skincare Kit September 8, 2009

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Hi guys!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Here comes the review for that skincare set I got. Let’s do this one by one:
This one was a bit too dark for my skintone, so I probably won’t use it. The consistency was really nice though: Not greasy, not too thick and very easy to spread. Maybe I’ll try and use it for frankening. Like… an army green creme maybe, or a muted brick red… What do you think? Have you tried making nailpolish with liquid foundation before? I did once and the result was great, but that was a different type of foundation, more like a cream. Well, we’ll see. Check back for the results! ^^
The name of this foundation is Biotherm Long Wear Detox in 530.

This one is called “Biosource hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse”. Ugh, what a name. “Best facial cleanser I’ve used so far” would be much less complicated and just as fitting. Seriously, this stuff is great. It makes my skin feel fresh and clean, but not dry at all, it doesn’t hurt when you get it in your eyes, it takes off all my makeup and it also smells really nice. Fresh, soft and clean, something between washed clothes and a cucumber. Love it.

This one is pretty good, too. It’s called “Multi Recharge daily protective energetic moisturizer”. It contains ginseng and vitamine E and it has SPF 15, which is great, especially in summer. It gives a lot of moisture to my skin and draws in quickly without leaving a greasy film on the face. This is special, because a lot of mosturizers can’t do that for me. The smell is really nice, too, very light and fresh and spicy at the same time. It reminds me of a herbal tea with ginger and lemongrass in it. This is my second favourite product of the bunch.

This guy does’t work for me at all. It kind of settles on my skin and keeps the moisturizer from getting in and doing his work. When I rub my face about two hours after I applied it,  it will come off in little greasy flakes, which looks like I haven’t washed my face in weeks. It’s gross. But hey,  just because my face hates it, that does’t mean it can’t be fantastic for your skin type. Looking at the other products, the quality of this toner should be at least decent. So if you want to try it, go ahead and tell me what you think!

Calvin Klein nailpolish review coming up,  you’ll be surprised!

See you soon! ❤


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