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NOTD: Purple french mani! September 20, 2009

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This is my current nail of the day. Nothing too fancy, but hey,it’s purple! I used P2 Color Victim nailpolish in 017-elegant for the nail beds and a purple foil/shimmer polish for the tips. It’s old and the label has rubbed off, so I have no idea what it’s called, sorry for that :(. I believe it’s a limited edition one from the drugstore.


Elegant is quite off in these pics, it’s a light lavender purple with little grey and blue undertones. It looks more like something  between the photo color and these flowers on our balcony:

(The blurry brown thing in the center is just a huge garden spider, please ignore it ^^)
P2 is a popular german drugstore brand, a bit like Wet’n’Wild in the US. They have some really interesting shades in their permanent collection, and the formula is awesome! It’s actually better than the Calvin Klein polishes!

Just noticed… this manicure would be nice with matte nail beds and glossy tips, too!
Have a nice day everyone!


One Response to “NOTD: Purple french mani!”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Very pretty manicure. I can now do these manicures since my nails have grown.

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