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Kiwi nails! September 24, 2009

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Hi everyone!
Today we’re going to do some nail art! This is the look:



(Sorry for not doing clean-up… the green nailpolish left some really weird yellow stains on my cuticle 😦      )

And this is how to do it:
-Apply brown polish on your thumb and green or yellow polish on the other nails.

-To get the fruits, paint a dotted star pattern on the green to make the seeds. Then put a big white dot in the middle.

Let everything dry and apply your favourite special effect topcoat, like a matte one or some sparkles. I used one with purple shimmer. Have fun and be creative!

Paint a brown french tip for the shell. Make sure you do this step last, so it looks like all the fun stuff is going on inside the fruit!
-For the bird, use silver polish to paint an eye, a beak and legs. Extend the beak to your cuticle like seen in the pics. You can do that with the legs too, if you like.

Then add some black and gold streaks for feathers. Be as messy as you like with this step.

Using a toothpick creates some nice texture: Just press the tip on horizontally, don’t prick or drag the polish. Add some black shadows on the beak and legs and a pupil on the eye.

Set the color on your skin with liquid plaster or clear polish, apply topcoat, and you’re done!

-If you have long nails, paint a french tip on your thumb. That way, you can draw an environment for the bird, like flowers or a blue sky… or you can make him a punk rock kiwi with a huge mohawk!

The dotted kiwi seed pattern is great for fireworks on your nails, too! Just use a dark base color and lots of glitter.

Hope you enjoy this look! ❤


One Response to “Kiwi nails!”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Very cute. Thanks for the instructions.

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