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Kyoto Photos October 3, 2009

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This is what I see from the balcony:




There are crickets in those woods, and they are insanely loud. It’s like having a tree full of tweeting birds next to your window. It’s quite nice, actually.

Kyoto is really beautiful. It has those big main streets that look the same in every big city, but once you walk around two or three corners, there are lots of adorable ancient wooden houses, and you feel like in a village somewhere on the countryside or in a living museum. It is a huge, buzzing metropolis, but at the same time, it’s more traditional and old-fashioned (in a pleasant way) than anything I know from Europe. A bit like a giant hide-and-seek playground for adults.


Our dorm is in Ohbaku, a little on the outside of Kyoto, which is nice because there is a little nature here. On the downside, it’s a 30 minutes’ walk in one direction to the train station and 30 mins in the other direction to the next big supermarket/mall thing. I think I should get a bike.

I went to the 100 yen shop today with some guys to get cutlery and household things and stuff. If you are a tourist or you just moved to Japan, you should definitely check one out! They carry basically anything from writing utensils to frying pans, cleaning agents, bins, little electronic thingys, decoration, dishes, gifts, cute pink japanese girly stuff, instant food… everything you need for your everyday life if you’re on a budget and can get along without a lot of  luxury. The quality is quite good, too, considering the price. 100 yen are about one dollar.

This is the polish collection I took with me. I had too leave about 2/3 of my collection at home because of the luggage restriction on the plane 😦 But I definitely plan to get some japanese ones! I heard that there are some awesome glitters here, and I love glitter! Do you guys know any good brands I should try?


Bye for now! Mata ne!


2 Responses to “Kyoto Photos”

  1. Lucy Says:

    What a shame to have to leave the majority of your polishes at home. Do you speak Japanese? I was wondering how you made out at your classes. I’ve heard about the fabulous glitters that the stores have. Pick up all you can while you there. I guess you will be there for awhile?

  2. kachihadashi Says:

    Yes, I’ll be here for about a year. I’ve been learning Japanese for five years now, but that’s not nearly enough to understand university lectures. There is a special program here for foreign students that I joined, which includes language classes as well as subject-related courses held in English. My favourite one so far is about Japanese gardens and architecture ^_^
    I’ll get more glitters for sure, some of them are really great!

    and THANK YOU!!! for leaving so many comments! ❤

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