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Dollar store goodness! (and some random pics^^) October 9, 2009

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Good evening!

Today I got my first bunch of japanese polishes!  I got three from a 100 yen shop and one from the drugstore. They had a quite nice color range there, including a TON of nudes (not really for me to wear, but pretty. My mum would totally love them) and the cutest bright glitters and almost-neons ever! Only thing I missed a bit were some dark, vampy shades. Probably I just looked in the wrong places.

Here is what I got:

Midtone blue by Crayon Manicure. It seems to be a jelly, but I didn’t really swatch any of them yet.


Black jelly with gorgeous holo glitter. Maybe a bit like China Glaze Cosmic?


This is the drugstore one. It’s by Noah and it seems to be a charcoal/purple kind of base color packed with tiny pink and purple glitter. Can’t wait to try this one.



More GLITTAH! This is pure green sparkly awesomeness, plus some golden hexagons that look blue in certain lights <3. It’s really sheer, so it makes a great topper. Here it is over my current NOTD, a deep burgundy creme:




And here are some other little things I already love about Japan:

Heavy metal crisps:


Green tea cappucino (does that contradict itself? oO):


Chopsticks that look like a Konad mani (and a nice one, too!):


And of course the fact that you can get a perfectly working, cute little coffee machine for only about 15$!

I think I will try the black holo as my next pedicure, so photos of that are coming soon! Maybe some nail art, too, they have these amazing Stripe Rite-like things at a drugstore near my university…

See you all soon! ❤


One Response to “Dollar store goodness! (and some random pics^^)”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Like all the polishes you bought. Pretty chop sticks.

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