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Deep sea nails October 11, 2009

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Here’s my recent NOTD:


I used the mint green glitter from the last post over a wine red creme…


…and then added two coats of the blue jelly. It is indeed very sheer, but I like it anyway. It’s blue and glossy, what’s not to love? šŸ˜€ But it seems to mess with my topcoat in some weird way, I got really bad tipwear from it. What you see above isn’t even 24h old :/

I use this layering technique a lot for making last night’s super glittery party manicure a little more SFW, or just to get a sparkly, but not in-your-face sparkly!!! look. For toning it down even more, just skip the dark base and apply the glitter to your naked nails!

I tried that with gold shimmer and a bright red jelly, it was gorgeous, but I forgot to take pictures. D’oh! It looked like lava, very red-hot and glowing. Would have been nice for halloween, too, maybe for a demon (with black Konad flames on it^^) or any fire-themed costume. Or something like a mad hollywood diva who revived from hell to take revenge on the bi*** who stole her Oscar… Speaking of scary celebrities, anyone plans to dress up as, let’s say, Paris Hilton in 20 years? Haha, I’d like that xD

Okay. Now we’re getting sidetracked. Coming up is a new pedicure, my toes are starting to hate me for not being taken care of for almost 5 days…

Mata ne!


One Response to “Deep sea nails”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Like this manicure. It does look like lava. Pretty.

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