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WHOAH! October 14, 2009

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OMFG! Today, there were almost 70 people who looked at this blog on one single day and lovely Lucy left comments on almost every post! How amazing is that? The highest number of clicks so far was 14, last weekend I think.

What happened? Maybe someone featured me without me noticing? There was no hint at all in the comments or incoming links section, just an email from wordpress dot com saying that I got a whole lot of new comments…

I’m extremely confused right now*, but also very very happy! *dances*


See you soon! You guys are awesome!

*one more reason for that is the fact that someone came here googling diapers. Seriously, WTF?? But anyways, you’re welcome, babies!


3 Responses to “WHOAH!”

  1. beautyjudy Says:

    Aw Congratulations on your reads and your comments!! PS – love the black holo in the post below!

  2. Lucy Says:

    That’s funny about the diapers. How’d that happen. Glad you got lots more people reading your blog. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading and commenting!

  3. kachihadashi Says:

    Thanks a lot guys!

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