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5 in 1 nailpolish, including a Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers dupe (maybe) October 18, 2009

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Hi guys!

Sorry for not posting for so long… Kanji (chinese characters) class started last week, so I was quite busy studying.

Today’s post is about some layering experiments, it’s inspired by the deep sea mani I did a few posts ago. This time, I used a basic tomato red instead of the blue, something between a sheer creme and a quite opaque jelly.

Here are the base colors:


From thumb to pinkie: Essence Pool Party (bright, but not neon sky blue with silver microglitter), Alessandro No. 259 (blurple with pink/green flakies), silver chrome, black base and AC mint green glitter, orange-toned yellow creme.

And here are the results, with one coat of red on each nail:




Thumb: brownish red with tiny red sparkles. Interesting, I thought this would come out like a dusty purple… Anyway, I like it. It’s very fall-like and reminds me of dried blood and teriyaki sauce. No, this combination isn’t creepy. Not at all *whistles*    😀

Index: rusty red with brighter red flakies. Not nearly as pretty as it sounds: FrankenFail!

Middle: Christmas!!! Might be a dupe for one of those countless cherry red shimmers that come out each year before holiday. Certainly not unique, but extremely pretty.

Ring: This is the one I was most excited about. It’s a dark red with bright red glitter. I used one coat of glitter here, but if you use more and a sheerer red, this will probably look a lot like Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers!

Pinkie: BRIGHT red creme. Very summery, it reminds me of red jelly beans. It looks amazingly fun with some multicolored glitter on top! This was impossible to photograph, though, but you get the picture. ^_^

I hope this was some inspiration for you to pull out your favourite colors and finishes and play! I would love to hear about what you tried and how it came out! Have lots of fun!

See you soon! ❤


One Response to “5 in 1 nailpolish, including a Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers dupe (maybe)”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Good idea! I like all of the colors. Especially the glittery one. I usually will paint over my old manicure with polishes that I want to wear next. You get some nice results sometimes.

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