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Finding a girls’ paradise… October 21, 2009

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… under Kyoto station! It’s called Porta and it’s a HUGE underground shopping mall. They have everything there, from shoes to clothes, accessory and cosmetics and food. Give me enough money and water and I’ll spend the entire next  typhoon season down there 😀

Originally, I only planned to buy an electronic dictionary and case, but of course I couldn’t resist and also got these beauties:


Black lace earrings (these are actually from another shop^^), a super cute owl shaped watch and of course: Nailpolish! I got one Canmake (the baby blue) and three Pas. I didn’t wear any of those as a full mani yet, but boy do I love Pa! The color range is AH-MAY-ZING! They have a ton of gorgeous blues, greens and over-the-top glitters,  exactly what I missed in Germany. Drying time is OK, too, even without topcoat. Canmake seems to be really cool, too, also a nice color range and dries slightly slower than the Pas. I think I’ll get some more of these. Only downside are the names of the polishes. They are numbers :/




Index: Pa A6. Lavender pearl with subtle blue flash. Not as great as the other ones, it’s too sheer for my liking and makes my nails look dirty, and it bubbled. It could be a nice topper, though…

Middle: Pa A32. Forest green creme, almost opaque in three coats.  It’s my second favourite of the bunch, it reminds me of a cool breeze under some trees on a hot summer day. This would probably look great matte, but I don’t have a matte topcoat to show you.

Ring: Awesome gunmetal grey shimmer! Or is it glassflecked? A little foily? No idea. I haven’t seen this kind of finish ever before. It really looks like steel, or a car in a gangster movie. Looove it! And it’s opaque in one coat, you only need two if you absolutely can’t stand the slightest hint of visible nail line.

Pinkie: Canmake 13. Baby blue creme, a bit more vibrant in real life. This one was a tiny bit streaky, but I was good to go after three coats. It makes my skin look a little red, but it’s pretty enough to ignore that.

Aaaand I finally got around trying the stripers from the 100yen store! Review is coming soon!

Bye for now! ❤


2 Responses to “Finding a girls’ paradise…”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Those are some pretty polishes. Love the green. Looks like my favorite green Poison Ivy by BB Couture Polish. I guess you need that dictionary in Japan!

  2. kachihadashi Says:

    YAY another green lover! Where did you get the BB Couture, do they sell it in, like, salons and department stores or just online?

    Yes, I do need the dictionary quite a lot. I use it mostly in Japanese classes and for communicating people who only know very basic English 😀

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