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NOTD: Disco Mint! – After-Halloween Mani November 1, 2009

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“I will stone you stone you, wrap my arms around you, I will stone you stone you, my little halo!”

026 025

Do you recognise the song? It’s “Halo” by Soil (totally NOT Beyonce! 😀 ) and it’s what this polish reminds me of. It feels like having a halo around my hands, and I’m completely stoned by the look right now. If it’s sunny tomorrow, I’ll probably run into poles because I’m looking at my tips all the time xD The pictures don’t capture the whole awesomeness, they are too silvery. In real life, it clearly looks green, like strong mint-flavoured chewing gum.

There is a whole little collection of holos at the drugstore near my university, and I’m definitely planning to get some more! *excited!*

See you soon!


One Response to “NOTD: Disco Mint! – After-Halloween Mani”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Aren’t holos just amazing. Such wonderful colors radiating from your nails. Watch out while your driving.

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