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I went to the dark side… November 14, 2009

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… they have cookies!

In other words, I moved over to Blogger and opened a second blog called Rock ‘n’ Nails! Check it out at rocknnails.blogspot.com   ! It’s basically the sequel to this blog, so there won’t be any more posts here. This is the last one.

I think it’s a lot more convenient for you guys this way because it’s easier to follow by using your own Blogger account or Google Friend Connect. It also seems to be easier to use… we’ll see.

Another thing is, I almost finished knitting the bf’s scarf! It has a box pattern and stripes and turned out really nicely so far ^^It just needs about 25 more centimeters and fringe, so it should be done during the next week *happy* Pictures and how-to are coming soon on rocknnails.blogspot.com!

See you soon, and Goodbye WordPress blog!


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