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About Kachihadashi August 11, 2009

Hi everyone!
My name is Pia, I’m a chemistry student from Germany, and I love nailpolish! I always have a neat pedicure on my feet, even in winter when noone can see it. Because of certain chemicals we have to use, I can’t wear polish on my tips during lecture time, so that’s another reason to wear lots of gorgeous colors on weekends and holidays!
What more can I say… some random facts maybe? OK, let’s go:
– I love everything japanese, except for Hello Kitty.
-I don’t like shoes. The only reason forme to wear them is going to a place where there is broken glass an the floor, or temperatures under 15°C.
– That’s actually where the name of this blog came from! Kachihadashi is japanese for “being barefoot”. It’s a nickname I got from a friend who does Asian Studies at university.
– Lizards are cute!
– If I was an animal, I’d want to be a bat. That ultrasonic sight sense rocks!
– Some people think I have a weird taste of music.Well, judge for yourself: Some of my favourite bands are Volbeat, Korpiklaani, System of a Down, Ska-P, Iron Maiden, Wise Guys and Seeed (and stuff like Heaven Shall Burn or Kataklysm for exam preparation xD) \m/ (^^,) \m/
– I share all my nailpolish with my mum. I also custom made a frankenpolish for her, it is a peachy pink with a frost finish.
Sooo… if any of you has a question about anything, feel free to ask! Just leave a comment or send me an email (kachihadashi@ymail.com).

Have a nice day and enjoy this blog!


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