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Crazy Japanese GLITTER! November 1, 2009

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I so many people are excited about Japanese nailpolish:


Glitter!  Holographic awesomeness! Both in one! *faints*

009 012

Of course, I had to play with my matte topcoat:

Index: Canmake 23. Toxic green glitter. This looks also very cool over black and matte!

Middle: Perfect Nail PNN-16. Purple jelly with lots of different kinds of glitter. Great for layering as well as on it’s own – it totally rocks! Love it with a matte topcoat – it looks like a sequined party dress!

Ring: Vernis a ongles eclair – #15 Snow Dome’s Christmas Tree. It’s the best example of how crappy lighting can ruin the look of a color: When I saw it at the shop, I only  thought “Oh, what a pretty grey-green shimmer. Could be a nice winter color” , but as soon as the sun hits it, it’s a BAM! in-your-face  mint green holo! Mattyfing ruins the holo effect, but it’s still very pretty.

Pinkie: Vernis a ongles eclair – #11 Maharadja Gold dancer. Silver holo packed with gold glitter. It’s even better matte, and the glitter is quite unique to me. It really looks like little pieces of leaf gold! This is so going to be my mani for Christmas and New Years Eve ^_^

Photos of  Snow Dome’s Christmas Tree as a full mani coming up!


Mad about Matte October 27, 2009

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Look what I found in at the mall:

004 012

Topcoats! I got Sally Hansen Insta Dry and Essie Matte about you, and two glitters. (Three actually, but the third one is for my Elfster girl, so I won’t spoil the surprise 😉 Just this much: it’s pink and silver and totally stunning! ) Swatches and reviews coming soon!

EDIT: OMFG! I’m wearing a mani with Insta Dry since yesterday afternoon and added a coat of Matte about You a few hours ago and my mani starts to flake off in this exact moment! Maybe it’s because I combined the two topcoats? Or maybe it’s the fact that I forgot basecoat, or the crappy but pretty dollar store polish? No idea, but the chip is huge! Looks kinda cool though, like an extravagant french tip:


Here is my first (still undamaged) matte mani: Mermaid blue/green with shimmer. Doesn’t it look totally awesome? I love that it’s not completely wallpaint-matte but still has this somehow velvety look to it. Purty!


Lol, this looks so photoshopped! xD   —  Can you see the shimmer?

See you very soon, right after redoing my nails!