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Funny Japanese Stuff: Alphabet song October 18, 2009

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Here’s the next part of the Funny And/Or Interesting Things That I Found In Japan series! Most of you probably know the song that we used to sing in primary school to memorize the alphabet, right? This is a really nice ska version of it, written and performed by the Japanese band Doberman:

EDIT: Recently, some bloggers from the Netherlands got sued for copyright infringement because they embedded Youtube videos in their blog posts. It’s kinda stupid IMO, punishing people for making free (!) advertising for the music companies by giving new and little known bands and artists the attention they deserve. But it seems to be the law and I don’t want to be drawn to court for it, so here’s how to listen to Doberman’s alphabet song:

Go to youtube.com and search for this: doberman アルファベット  . You can copy and paste the second word. Take the first result. There are lots of other good songs by this band in the similar videos. Most of them are better than this one 😉 For some  of my favourites, insert one of these after “doberman”:  赤い太陽,月,車掌は寝転んだまま,or Leap for Joy.

Have fun!

Mata ne!


Black holo japanese glitter POTD – and a new series! October 13, 2009

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Hello again!

So, review first for those of you who don’t like looking at pedicure pics 😉

This polish was extremely sheer as well, so instead of using 4+ coats on my uneven toenails to get it somewhere near opaque and smooth, I just layered one coat of holo over a basic black creme. Drying time was OK, though, it didn’t take as long as expected.

So, on to the swatches:






If you don’t like ’em, don’t scroll further down than here!


Inside, artificial light, no flash. This is pretty much what it looks like outside on a cloudy day.


Theeere we go. Imagine this effect x3 and you know what happens when the sun hits my toes. This is also indoors, with flash.

Sorry I couldn’t get any sunlight photos, but I’m really busy with university now and….well, Kyoto University is the second oldest university in Japan and ranks Top 20 in every worldwide university ranking I have seen so far. Therefore, both students and teachers are extremely proud to be able to work and study here. Kinda like Yale or Cambridge or something like that, plus strong Japanese patriotism. Now imagine what they would do to a girl sitting in the entrance of one of the venerable institutes, painting her nails and taking photos of her naked feet… :/ Yes, exactly.

So probably I will only be able to post proper swatches and NOTDs like twice a week or so. There will be a new series, though, featuring funny or interesting things I discovered here. It’s starting right now! Hope you enjoy it!

This is from my Japanese lecture today. The teacher doesn’t speak english, only Japanese, so she draws little cartoons or uses gestures to explain new vocabulary. We had a lot of fun in this class^^ Can you guess what the Kanji (chinese characters) in the brackets mean?



Have a nice day!