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Art deco insprired snowy nails October 21, 2009

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Today, I finally got to play with the nail art stripers I promised in the last post! They are from the dollar store, I believe the brand is called “Crayon art nail”. I have four: Black, white, red and blue glitter. The bottles are pretty much like a liquid eyeliner bottle, small and easy to handle. The brushes are great, they are felt tips rather than real brushes with bristles. That way, it’s nice and easy to make dots of various sizes and even lines. Perfect for rookies like me ;D

Application was decent, except for the glitter, which didn’t spread nicely at all. To get an even, glittery line, I had to either apply several coats or dab it on instead of drawing. Both ways, it will end up looking like chunks of glitter glue on my nails. The others were good, though, opaque in one to two coats and not gloopy.Of course I had to play with them:



It’s a black french tip and white dots on the grey shimmery Pa polish from last time. It reminds me of huge snowflakes ^^

Another pretty cool aspect about them is that they all are water-soluable! (again, except for the glitter) That way, you can just play around and try things and simply wash it off if you don’t like it instead of removing and redoing your whole manicure. Just two tips to remember: Don’t forget to use topcoat afterwards and stay away from water, exspecially hot water, until everything is completely, 150% dry.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with these, considering that they are made by a no-name brand and cost only a dollar. If you are in Japan or planning to come and would like to try some nail art, this is definitely a good point to start!

More designs coming, well, maybe not soon, but there will be a few!

Have a nice week! ❤


Calvin Klein nailpolish review September 20, 2009

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I’ve been wanting to post this for some time now… It’s the mini nailpolishes from the coupon haul! Here are some swatches:

Mad Red. This is a bright cherry red jelly with subtle silvery shimmer, perfect fora job interview or something like that. It’s very sheer, it needed 4 coats to look like this. If you like pinks, you can do one coat over a white creme to get a bold hot pink.


Phoenix. It’s a maroon/burgundy kind of color with lots of gold and red shimmer in it. Pretty, but a little boring.


The bottles. You can take the square tops off.
On to the formula… These polishes are nice and thin and dry extremely quickly, but apart from that, the formula just sucks. Sorry for the explicit language, but it’s true. Phoenix is too sheer to be a one-coater, and as soon as you apply more, you get bald spots. I used 4 coats on the swatches to get rid of them, and you can still see some on my index finger. Same with Mad Red, although it’s not that strong of an effect because the color is lighter. The sheerness is the main problem I had with both colors. Seriously, look how tiny the bottles are! How many full manicures am I supposed to get out of each when I need four coats? Like, five or six? That’s not the quality I expect from something with a Calvin Klein label on it. I have drugstore polishes that are better than that.
What experience did you make with this nailpolish? Did I just get bad bottles or is it always like that?
See you soon!


Artdeco Mascara Review September 5, 2009

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On to the mascara review…
Overall, I think this is a good one. It gives my lashes a nice curl and makes them look thicker, but it also separates them very nicely. It doesn’t do that much for me in terms of volume, though, but it’s perfect for a more natural look.
There are only two bad things about this: First,the size. This is a 10ml mini tube to keep in your purse, so the wand is pretty short,which takes a bit of practice to handle comfortably. Second, it’s not waterproof AT ALL, so a few minutes of heavy rain are enough to make your face look a mess. But then, it doesn’t claim to be waterproof, so that’s not that much of an issue.
All in all, I like this mascara, and I will definitely use it quite frequently. Don’t know if it’s worth 13€ for the full size, though.  (Oh,and sorry for the smudges^^)

Please check back for reviews of the other products from the coupon haul, a frankenpolish and the greatest glitter topcoat ever!

Have a lovely weekend!