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I went to the dark side… November 14, 2009

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… they have cookies!

In other words, I moved over to Blogger and opened a second blog called Rock ‘n’ Nails! Check it out at rocknnails.blogspot.com   ! It’s basically the sequel to this blog, so there won’t be any more posts here. This is the last one.

I think it’s a lot more convenient for you guys this way because it’s easier to follow by using your own Blogger account or Google Friend Connect. It also seems to be easier to use… we’ll see.

Another thing is, I almost finished knitting the bf’s scarf! It has a box pattern and stripes and turned out really nicely so far ^^It just needs about 25 more centimeters and fringe, so it should be done during the next week *happy* Pictures and how-to are coming soon on rocknnails.blogspot.com!

See you soon, and Goodbye WordPress blog!


Old NOTD: Monochrome November 8, 2009

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Good afternoon folks!

Here comes the nail art I promised you! It’s quite easy to do, just layering a few colors. I started off with a grey holo and added a topcoat with silver glitter and shimmer particles (both by Vernis a Ongles Eclair, swatches coming soon!) and painted a diagonal striped pattern using black as the base color, and then layering dark grey, light grey and silver foil over it. Mattify, and you’re done!

008 023 026 027

Originally, I was going for a sort of monochrome rainbow look, but that didn’t really work out imo. Instead, it reminds me of old black and white photography and the molten metal bath I had to use at the lab last semester. When it solidified after finishing the experiment, it looked exactly like this! 😀

Hope you like it! Mata ne!


I’m on Twitter! November 3, 2009

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Follow me here: http://twitter.com/Kachihadashi

I think Twitter is a relly nice way to stay updated and to inform others about whats going on around the world. I’ll use it mainly as a sort of feed for this blog, and of course to have a chat with you guys ;D

Oh, and speaking about following, do any of you know how to install the Follow-me-on-Google-Friends-plugin? I tried the way described at the wordpress homepage, copying and pasting HTML-code into a widget folder, and all I got was the code displayed as text in my sidebar 😦 What should I do?

See you soon, with shorter nails and some nail art!


Mad about Matte October 27, 2009

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Look what I found in at the mall:

004 012

Topcoats! I got Sally Hansen Insta Dry and Essie Matte about you, and two glitters. (Three actually, but the third one is for my Elfster girl, so I won’t spoil the surprise 😉 Just this much: it’s pink and silver and totally stunning! ) Swatches and reviews coming soon!

EDIT: OMFG! I’m wearing a mani with Insta Dry since yesterday afternoon and added a coat of Matte about You a few hours ago and my mani starts to flake off in this exact moment! Maybe it’s because I combined the two topcoats? Or maybe it’s the fact that I forgot basecoat, or the crappy but pretty dollar store polish? No idea, but the chip is huge! Looks kinda cool though, like an extravagant french tip:


Here is my first (still undamaged) matte mani: Mermaid blue/green with shimmer. Doesn’t it look totally awesome? I love that it’s not completely wallpaint-matte but still has this somehow velvety look to it. Purty!


Lol, this looks so photoshopped! xD   —  Can you see the shimmer?

See you very soon, right after redoing my nails!


5 in 1 nailpolish, including a Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers dupe (maybe) October 18, 2009

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Hi guys!

Sorry for not posting for so long… Kanji (chinese characters) class started last week, so I was quite busy studying.

Today’s post is about some layering experiments, it’s inspired by the deep sea mani I did a few posts ago. This time, I used a basic tomato red instead of the blue, something between a sheer creme and a quite opaque jelly.

Here are the base colors:


From thumb to pinkie: Essence Pool Party (bright, but not neon sky blue with silver microglitter), Alessandro No. 259 (blurple with pink/green flakies), silver chrome, black base and AC mint green glitter, orange-toned yellow creme.

And here are the results, with one coat of red on each nail:




Thumb: brownish red with tiny red sparkles. Interesting, I thought this would come out like a dusty purple… Anyway, I like it. It’s very fall-like and reminds me of dried blood and teriyaki sauce. No, this combination isn’t creepy. Not at all *whistles*    😀

Index: rusty red with brighter red flakies. Not nearly as pretty as it sounds: FrankenFail!

Middle: Christmas!!! Might be a dupe for one of those countless cherry red shimmers that come out each year before holiday. Certainly not unique, but extremely pretty.

Ring: This is the one I was most excited about. It’s a dark red with bright red glitter. I used one coat of glitter here, but if you use more and a sheerer red, this will probably look a lot like Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers!

Pinkie: BRIGHT red creme. Very summery, it reminds me of red jelly beans. It looks amazingly fun with some multicolored glitter on top! This was impossible to photograph, though, but you get the picture. ^_^

I hope this was some inspiration for you to pull out your favourite colors and finishes and play! I would love to hear about what you tried and how it came out! Have lots of fun!

See you soon! ❤


WHOAH! October 14, 2009

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OMFG! Today, there were almost 70 people who looked at this blog on one single day and lovely Lucy left comments on almost every post! How amazing is that? The highest number of clicks so far was 14, last weekend I think.

What happened? Maybe someone featured me without me noticing? There was no hint at all in the comments or incoming links section, just an email from wordpress dot com saying that I got a whole lot of new comments…

I’m extremely confused right now*, but also very very happy! *dances*


See you soon! You guys are awesome!

*one more reason for that is the fact that someone came here googling diapers. Seriously, WTF?? But anyways, you’re welcome, babies!


Nihrida rocks! October 13, 2009

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Check this out: http://nihrida.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-1st-giveaway-to-show-my-love-and.html

She’s having an amazing giveaway for her followers! It’s open until october 25th (my birthday, YAY!).  To see the prizes, just visit her blog, there are too many to list them here. She included lots of Essence nail products, other beauty supplies and COFFEE! How great is that?    \(^o^)/

Speaking of Essence, I have tried their “SOS nail savers nail&cuticle balm”, and it’s really good. It actually worked better that some high end cuticle products for me. So if you can get your hands on this, I definitely recommend it for anyone who has issues with dry, ragged or inflamed cuticles. Smells quite nice, too, if you like almonds. You can get it at most drugstores in Germany and also eastern Europe, I think. It’s white and peach and has a little plastic container with a screw cap, very nice for keeping it in your purse.

Enough advertisement for now, waiting for you is some holographic goodness and the ugliest blanket ever!